3D motion, animation, info-graphics and cartoon

videos in which imagination and technique create a unique combination. The concepts to communicate come to life thanks to 3D motion, animation, info-graphics. All the way to cartoons.

KOO by Kask

For the Koo glasses, by the Italian brand Kask, Yanzi was asked to create a video that would present the peculiar characteristics of the glasses before the model was even available. It was therefore necessary to carry out an accurate 3D reconstruction work, thanks to which it was possible to create an effective film capable of responding to the need.


"We need a video dedicated to helium gas. But we have no pictures." It sometimes happens that a company needs to create a video to communicate specific information, but there are no images to cover it. In that case, infographics and animation are essential. For Siad the result was an explanatory but dynamic video, full of useful information that the viewer can immediately assimilate.



The cartoon is the perfect solution when it is necessary to make a concept, a procedure, a process clear and simple. The drawings give life to easy-to-use, immediate, pleasant videos.