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We Walk the Talk

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What makes us who we are

“We walk the talk”. That is, we do what we say. We turn words into deeds, we put into practice what is pure thought, desire, intention. We weave an invisible thread between the said letters capable of outlining a path, a road to travel. And at that point we walk, sent, towards the goal.
This distinguishes us. Because there are so many people who can make videos. But making a dreamed idea concrete, giving it form, making it real and perfect, riding it, "walking" it all the way to the end... well, that's a different story.

Who we are

It's the people who make Yanzi what Yanzi is today. Professionals in the film industry and communication experts with a deep knowledge and experience of the dynamics of the industry. Concrete people, yet always a bit crazy, with their head in the clouds, who strongly believe in the profound value of creativity, imagination, the uniqueness of each project they venture into.

Yanzi has made "knowing how to narrate" his strong point. The art of storytelling, the ability to create a real narrative world around the brand, an ecosystem in which stories, messages and challenges are unraveled from the fulcrum of a strong identity, capable of involving, building loyalty and remaining impressed. A path that begins with a face-to-face chat, grows between the lines of a well-studied script, takes shape from the creativity of minds that expert hands make concrete and effective.

This is how the videos born. Yes, Yanzi is a video production company, whose focus is the production of videos able to meet the customer's needs, guaranteeing the highest quality standards, the use of cutting-edge film equipment and technology, effective results with a strong emotional impact. But Yanzi is also much more.

Our narrative world

We can create unique stories and turn them into videos, we can listen. We can advise. Because you don't make much of a video or a communication project if you don't know how to make it, in which brand strategy insert it, for which target. We know the world of social and trade fairs, internal corporate communication and communication aimed at customers, we know how to help each reality to build its brand identity through paths and projects studied from time to time in a specific way. A personalized work, always in progress, always ready to welcome and launch new challenges.

"Marketing no longer has anything to do with what you do, but with the stories you tell about what you do”. We know that. And we are able to create narrative worlds that generate a belief, that give value by communicating ideals in which to recognize ourselves. Because yes, brands are no longer looking for buyers, but believers.