all the energy of passion condensed in videos in which the action, the performance, dominate.

Yanzi for Galfer brakes

An emotional spot for the launch of the new bicycle brake line. Galfer, which has always produced motorcycle brakes, now extends its production to road bikes and mtb.

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Fantic Motor has been producing motorcycles and accessories for motard, enduro, motocross since 1968.
Fantic customers love action, adventure, performance. The Yanzi videos aim to give back to the viewer the same sensations of those who ride a Fantic motorcycle.
On the track, on dirt roads, in the sand, what counts is to experience the emotion. 

 Caballero Scrambler


Running, cycling, swimming. Kask ties his helmets to numerous disciplines, whose common thread is undoubtedly action. The athletic preparation, the commitment, the effort, the results. Yanzi aims to show them, at their best, in high impact videos.


What more than a football camp dedicated to children can communicate energy and passion? Yanzi followed the children's days at Atalanta Football Camp, showing their training, their desire to get involved and the values they transmitted.