Yanzi edited Nysferatu, a true work of art created by the extraordinary (and crazy) mind of Andrea Mastrovito. A 60-minute feature film, obtained by editing 35 thousand drawings. It was a huge work, but wonderful. 35 thousand plates redrawing Nosferatu, a masterpiece by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau (released in 1922 and inspired by Bram Stoker's literary Dracula), edited to obtain a unique animated film with new and very current meanings.


Movie Art - presented at the Rome Film Festival

Andrea Mastrovito

Mastrovito is an italian multi-media artist (born 1978 in Bergamo) now New York-based


NYsferatu is a rotoscope recreation of Friedrich W. Murnau’s seminal 1922 film Nosferatu, itself an adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Each background scene has been entirely redrawn to set the film in present day New York City. 


learn more: www.nysferatu.org