Wood from nature to things

the Wood,
by nature
to things

A documentary to unveil the secret life of wood.
To tell a world made of traditions, emotions, knowledge handed down from generation to generation.
A complex chain, a work that transforms over time and looks to the future.

That's how VeNature was born. Lives that intertwine, experiences that flow.
And leave their mark.

Eco-sustainability and the future

Wood, the ecological material par excellence, a renewable source, is used in compliance with strict standards in terms of planting and managed forest.

Thanks to an ever deeper awareness that each of us is part of a larger whole, to be respected and defended, it is possible to look forward.
And guarantee a future for generations to come.

The documentary

VeNature, produced by "Wood from nature to things" and made by Yanzi Creative,
was shot with the best cinema equipment.
Screenplay, shooting, editing, soundtrack involved many professionals.
The images related to the wood industry were shot in historic companies in Bergamo,
whose work deserves to be valued.


documentary yanzi green.jpg