Sets, lights, details to create a cover video. Beauty takes shape in its appearance.

Federico Bernardeschi

For the Italian footballer Yanzi, he made a video shot mostly in the studio, paying particular attention to the construction of the set. Lights, shooting, perspectives, each element contributes to create a succession of beautiful and captivating images.


With Cannondale, reference brand for racing bikes, mtb and cycling products, Yanzi has a special relationship of mutual trust, thanks to which it has been possible, over the years, to experiment with many types of videos. For the launch of new models of bicycles, the Beauty cut is always very effective. Light and shadow games, studied shots, the set is created ad hoc to make the most of the product.

CMP food

The food goes perfectly with a choice of Beauty videos, whose aim is to highlight ingredients, textures and colours. The viewer must be able to immerse himself in what he is watching, he must almost feel the scents and flavours of what the images show.


Fi'zi:k is a brand that is closely linked to key words such as beauty, passion, perfection, speed. For this reason Yanzi has studied videos capable of communicating the values of the brand through original ideas, new perspectives, graphics games, light and shadow.