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A journey to discover the secret life of wood. A world made of traditions, emotions, knowledge handed down from generation to generation. A complex chain, a work that transforms over time and looks to the future.
This is how VeNature was born. Lives that intertwine, experiences that flow.
And leave their mark.

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A documentary that follows step by step the realization of the works of art inside the church Pope John XXIII.
Yanzi has resumed the exciting process that led to the creation of the works of art that can be admired today in Bergamo in the church of San Giovanni XXIII. Two years of work, including drawings, drafts, stained glass, frescoes. Everything comes to life in the hands of the artists and under the gaze of the camera. The result is a documentary that reveals a hidden world often little known and full of charm.

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Liu Bolin, the chameleon artist

Yanzi has been following for years for the BoxArt gallery in Verona the works of Liu Bolin, "the invisible man", known throughout the world as the artist who has made camouflage his hallmark. Remaining motionless like a living sculpture, Bolin integrates his body with the context behind him, thanks to careful body-painting, and finally lets himself be photographed.

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